how could it al…


how could it all happen in one day?

I lost it all in one day?

I would do anything…for one day.


A Small World

Nothing will make it better

Nothing will make it change

Nothing will take their pain,

And carry it away.

Nothing will stop the river flowing from their eyes

Although you tried to mask it

Nothing will change your lies

Nothing will save their lives

Nothing will give them hope

Although you said you’d donate

Their patience says you won’t

Nothing will make them smile

And be proud to show their face

Alone, cold and broken

Because they know their place.

So go and save the cats, bears and chimpanzees

And forget about the children

Dying from disease.

Now go and buy your iPhone

Two flat-screen TV’s

And forget all about Haiti

The suffering and the pleads.


Thoughts Vol. 1



I need an idea to finish this sentence.

Why am I on this planet?

Just a thought but I can understand it.

The universe is so big…

I remember when I was a kid,

all I wanted was to model,

now all I need is a role model.

The grass seems to grow either way.

Night still changes to day,

and I’m left stuck in this maze.

With choices and right things to say.

Racing with time that I feels been expired.

Want to move forward but how?

Smoking my loud, I sit on my clouds

and contemplate what Imma do…

Take a spiritual view, until it hits me naturally

till my instincts kick in automatically.

But that hasn’t happened so I sit here and wait.

What Lord lies in my fate?



Love lost

Together we once were.

So inseparable that a foreign finger

couldn’t trace the line where you began and I would end.

Like a finished sentence, you took the words from my mouth 

And I wouldn’t need to invade your mind to read your thoughts.

Your breath so familiar I could sense you in the room

And you could feel it in your bones if I was thinking of you.

Now it’s just a dream that I dream to often. 

the air around you has chilled, masking my senses

and day by day you have succeeded in shutting me out. 

Nothing sweet, cept the sound of your voice leaves those precious lips,

all by your choice.

A touch less familiar than alien skin, 

Still leaves me the remains of what had been.

not mad or upset

just lost. 

Waiting for your direction, but fearing it will never come.

is this the end of love?

Playing with Fire


I am a kid playing with matches,

that I stole from someone else.

Now we’re up in my closet, just us by ourselves.

I know it’s wrong to lite them, I might burn down the house.

But my fingers slide open the box,

and I take one out.

Like a brand new toy, I just want to try it.

Small hands shaking as I build up with excitement.

What’s really the harm, in a little fun?

And who’s to say anyone will know about what I’ve done?

So I take the match, run it along the box.

Curiosity, filling up my every thought.

Now alone with my flame, cause my love is aimless

No longer a kid, how could I be so shameless?

Date Night

Stary night, we’re both inside.

Next to bottles of empty wine.

Candle wicks and waxy drips.

Cotton sheets, a tempting kiss.

Wrapped in layers of want, skin on skin

Soft rays of moonlight shining in.

Music playing, the TV muted.

Dishes waiting on for us to do them.

Batted breath, beating chests.

Every feeling, feels the best.

A cats meow, jingled bells.

You perspire, I love the smell.

Firm grips and gentle finger tips,

trace the smile on happy lips.

A cool whisper draws me in

to arms that feel like Heaven.

Clock ticks on the wall, a car drives by

Exchange in yawns a few times.

Close our eyes and drift to sleep,

While the sun comes up behind the trees.